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Nemaiyo Spock.

When Jagger died, I was heartbroken. Sadly I thought he was likely to be the last.
I'm not the only one that missed him though... 
none of the family has felt right without a Bouvier in the house.

So, now we have another.
I'd like to proudly introduce "Tearanook's Blaze of Honour"
A Blazing intro by The-Dude-L-Bug
A 9 week old dark brindle male. He a beautiful little puppy with light tan across the top of the head & his ears and a wonderful white stripe from his chin to mid-way on his chest. I know there are some on here that disagree with the practice, but yes his ears have been cropped & tail docked (as were all my previous Bouvs). Personally, I like the look and AFAIC "floppy" ears are an unnatural human bred trait anyway.

Blaze doing the frog-dog by The-Dude-L-Bug  Blaze getting tuckered by The-Dude-L-Bug  Blazing crash by The-Dude-L-Bug

LOL!! Here we go again...
watching our step for small paws
and undetected "accidents"...
the chewed objects...
loss of sleep...
and starting the training once again...

but Blaze is adorable and sooooooo  huggable!!!

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I get that dA wants to "refresh" it's looks from time to time...
changing the way the page behaves, overall color schemes, location/look of page controls, etc. 
Yes the changes made can be removed or turned off...
and yes they do give some more display options...
HOWEVER...  the limitations of widget placement & the way it was done brings up other issues for me.

I don't mind showing the some of the awesome works that I took the time to :+fav:
But now MOST of my page real-estate is devoted to showing the works of others.
If you're gonna force that on me, then shouldn't I get to choose which galleries I want to display????



It's like having your landlord enter your apartment while you were at work to do some plumbing or electrical repairs...
and rearranging your apartment & adding a bunch of furniture you didn't want... 

HEY dA, STOP Fenging with my shui!!

I guess the biggest question must be: 
Is this behaviour something dA figured that I'm likely to continue pay for????

Right now, I'm thinking NO.
In fact, ATM, I'm so ticked, I don't even want to bother coming back.
My health was not good, but we went yesterday.
The crowds are usually pretty big at these events, but this year was incredible. When we got there on Saturday we had to wait at the main entrance for well over an hour because they'd suspended ticket sales due to overcrowding issues.
A convo with another family who had multiday passes revealed it wasn't just the number of visitors causing delays - a few of the celebs and special events were late or cancelled too.

Unfortunately, my health really put a cramp in my photography - got very few pics this year.
Made it through... though still paying for it health wise.
It always takes quite a few days to get over the effects of the triggers I encounter during outing like that.

Personal rants:
Due to my allergies/sensitivities I already end up missing all the vendors close to the food court - but the real killer is all the wandering bombs...  
It's incredible how many went past me with their private Stink shields at maximum stun!!! OMG!!! *Cough, COUGH, COUGH hack choke puke*
Folks, when attending big conventions, do us all a favour, PLEASE DON'T BASTE YOURSELF IN YOUR FAV PERFUME/AFTERSHAVE/BODYSPRAY - You chase all the oxygen outta the aisle you occupy.

Now I really don't like to advertise it & I absolutely hate when I'm in rough a shape that I must, but occasionally I have to use a walker.
Thankfully it's not an everyday thing (yet).  It's not like I don't expect the extra hassle, after all with the huge crowds and some in intricate costumes, it's hard to get around when you're just walking naturally.
Yes, I know everyone is busy trying to get their own stuff done, but it's sad how often the thought must be "They're moving slow - they won't mind if I squeeze by".
One click of 6 that past me & a guy on crutches actually joked about "the show needing a special slow lane to get all the 'speed bump gimps' out of the way".
I was shocked at how many people were willing jump in an elevator ahead of those with mobility issues. Those with baby-strollers I can understand, but it's pathetic when ya see 8 completely healthy folk rush into elevator while those in wheelchairs, walkers and crutches are waiting!
When we were leaving, one woman in a wheelchair had finally had enough & took one group to task (guilting them into vacating the lift & join the throngs on the escalators). 
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4 gone now...
3 were too early.

I miss ya already...
Love ya forever buddy...

Sorrow is... by The-Dude-L-Bug

RIP Jagger.

From better days:

Such a handsome Bouv by The-Dude-L-Bug
Jagger as a little puppy by The-Dude-L-Bug   Like a waterfall of fur by The-Dude-L-Bug  Jagger-Bouv by The-Dude-L-Bug   Bouv in a Blizzard by The-Dude-L-Bug     Watchin the pretty birdy by The-Dude-L-Bug  Just milling along by The-Dude-L-Bug
  Guarding his precious by The-Dude-L-Bug   BFFs a Bouv and Bichon by The-Dude-L-Bug  Wrestle-Mania K9 Style by The-Dude-L-Bug  Wrestle-Mania K9 VictoryKiss by The-Dude-L-Bug
  The furry 3 a noddin be by The-Dude-L-Bug   A lineup at the Nail Salon by The-Dude-L-Bug   A trio of animal knicknacks by The-Dude-L-Bug  A catnap with the canines by The-Dude-L-Bug
Watching her Bouv by The-Dude-L-Bug   Jagger loves Umbreon too by The-Dude-L-Bug  What big ears you have by The-Dude-L-Bug  A warm soft place to snooze by The-Dude-L-Bug
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Artistically Diplomatic: The more things change, the more they remain the same.
Plain & Simple: Same crap, different pile.

Win95A user: BSOD on Kernal32 Paging Error. 
Win98SE user: BSOD on Kernal32 Paging Error. 
WinXP (Pro & MCE) user: BSOD on Kernal_Data_Inpage_Error. 
Win8 user: BSOD on Kernal_Data_Inpage_Error. 

And the recommended response hasn't changed either - Reboot & run CHKDSK
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Last night I went to launch Firefox and it suddenly had a major meltdown.
I got this dialog box telling me FF needed to start in "safe mode". It included an apology for inconvenience and a notification that it would try, but it may not be able to recover everything.

Yep. Everything went back to default. 
All the cool add-ons I'd grabbed over the last year - gone. What really got me PO'd was it lost all my saved settings and bookmarks too.
Some sites don't play well with all browsers (like dA with IE) and as a result my various browsers don't all have identical "favorites/bookmark" lists. I had some very specific links saved for FF.
Lovely, I get to try and find them again.

Adding insult to injury, now I have this "Old Firefox Data" folder... on my desktop.
Seeing as how there's no "restore" ability, this is essentially a dead end folder.
So why wasn't it put in with the rest of the Firefox stuff in it's regular folder?
What genius at Firefox decided that the desktop is the proper place to store unrecoverable data????
I realize it makes it easier to find & lots of companies default their Downloads to it, but come on you industry peeps, you should know the downside to this already!!!
It's been an known issue since Win 95a that using the Windows desktop as a storage area tends to have a detrimental effect.
Not only does it negatively impact the start-up load times, but it can significantly compromise the overall system stability.
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I can't even put it into words how much I HATE Win 8.
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Change the journal,

add some more images...

maybe even fill in some gaps in the subject matter of a few of my galleries.

For example, the next 10 images I post as a salute to the beauty of winter and those who are able to find it.

I'm not a fan of cold weather. What can I say, frostbite rarely promotes a desire for the chance of repeat performance. :) 

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**WARNING: This subject and the linked videos might be very unsettling for some. VIEWER discretion is advised!!**
****!!! Please note, this is NOT, IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, to be considered a request or solicitation for any group or individual to go around trying to answer the question posed!!!****

My daughter is a Karate Jr. brown belt and we had discussion the other day concerning certain "mind over matter" martial arts like Qi Gong and other Shaolin special studies like the Iron Shirt technique. I went looking video demonstrations, when I stumbled across these clips.  
I don't wanna burst any bubbles (pardon the pun) as the "squaring" move itself is generally thought of as the ultimate defense against a male opponent,
however, this is proof that it and other blows considered potentially lethal may not have the intended effect on one with the proper training.

Yep, I'm talking about the official World's Record kick to the groin.……

I'm pretty sure my reaction is one shared by 99% of the rest of men out there (and quite a few women)....


OOOOOF!(knees together TIGHT)....













tiny gasp.

I can say rather uncomfortably I can relate to this. I've taken a similar blow in the past. Short story, I saw an obviously drunk girl getting beat up by some guy. I stepped in & tossed him off her. She thanked me by hoofing me FULL FORCE for hurting her boyfriend!
No, I don't for a moment think the kick I got was anywhere near as hard...
though the reduction in forces didn't help me any.
She was behind me at the time - I never saw it coming.
For me there was a bright flash, then black.
My reaction was closer to the guy with the tennis ball...
only add 20 minutes of unconsciousness, directly followed by an hour of puking & another 2 of breathing difficulties... followed by weeks of bruising. (LOL! BTW, Did I ever mention I HATE pointy toed shoes.)

Just the thought of someone like Justice doing that ..:omfg:... makes me want to double over in sympathy.
If I did managed to survive taking that kind of a blow, it would be a case "mistaken resurrection", because I'm pretty sure it would be 3 days after the ink on my death certificate had dried IF I ever managed to take another breath.

The whack to the throat was very impressive too and would have incapacitated a less trained man.
That kick though...
1,100lbs! WOW!!!
It clearly lifted him off the ground!!
Yet his pulse never changed.
Mr. Kirby Roy, YOU have my utmost respect & I salute you.

Can't say I envy your training regiment though...a minimum of 5 years of taking the practice punts.
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How many noticed what happened last weekend?

Regardless of citizenship,
if you have not read the FULL details of this Document,…


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The Mysterious Journey of Lovejoy
How The Great Christmas Comet of 2011 screws up a perfectly good cliche!

As some of you are already aware, I have quite a few disagreements with mainstream cosmology, but for this I'll try to stick to a single topic: Comets. ;)

During this festive season, a beautiful celestial object has been seen streaking through the sky - at least by those in the southern hemisphere.
One of the folks here that I watch, :iconcapturingthenight: , has taken a number of gorgeous shots of it framed against the background of the Milky Way.
The Great Christmas Comet of 2011 by CapturingTheNight Comet Lovejoy Closeup by CapturingTheNight Comet Lovejoy and the ISS by CapturingTheNight
(If ya like astrophotos, he's got some other great shots too, go check him out!)

The object is C/2011 W3, now officially & affectionately known as "Comet Lovejoy" in honour of the man that first noticed it, Australian Terry Lovejoy.
Classed as one of many "Kreutz Sungrazers", it's now on the return passage back out of our system after doing a very intimate solar Salsa with the sun.
This previously unknown object did the incredible, it came within 140,000kms of the surface and survived!!!

New discoveries have been blurring the line between them, but the consensus is that Asteroids and Comets are not the same.
Asteroids are Solar System bodies that are classed in various ways.
By size - between Meteoroid(>10m) and Planetoid(<500kms).
By composition - There's up to 24 types with the sub groups now, but 4 basics (C)arbon rich, (S)tony, (M)etallic and (X) for unknown.
By Location-  Near Earth Asteroids are bodies of the inner Solar System that pass close to earth. Most of the known asteroids are Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) caught between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. There are others grouped with the outer bodies and given names like centaurs, trojans, cubewanos, trans-Neptunians & even Plutinos.
Experts now refer to many of the larger ones as planetoids, minor or dwarf planets. LOL! Our own solar system is now considered to hold eight planets and five dwarf planets.

Comets are said to be small icy Solar System bodies that produce tails and coma due to their composition: this being specifically from the sublimation of surface ices by solar radiation.
These objects come in few varieties which we usually base on the object's duration & trajectory.
Short-period comets are said to be the most asteroid like, originating in the Kuiper belt &/or its associated debris field which lie beyond the orbit of Neptune.
Long Period Comets are said travel in massive elliptic orbits around our sun and back to a theoretical icy comet filled, spherical region that surrounds our solar system called the "Oort Cloud".
Hyperbolic Comets come from so far outside our system with such unpredictable frequency &/or incredibly long orbits that little is know about them. The scientific consensus is that they are similar to LPCs in composition.
This particular comet, Lovejoy, has been deemed part of a very special group named after German astronomer Heinrich Kreutz. The "Kreutz Sungrazers" are thought to be remnants of a much larger LPC body that broke up during it's passage through our solar system several centuries ago (possibly the Great Comet of 1680).

The present accepted theory of LPC composition states that Comet nuclei are composed of loose collections of dust and small rocky particles ranging in size from nanometer to centimeter, frozen together with what has long been speculated as significant amounts of water ice.

That's not much to go on, but if even this basic definition of a Comet's make-up is correct, then it forces me to ask "How does a dirty snowball survive such a literal trip through hell?"

I've exchanged a few messages with a couple of folk who are studying these objects and the explanations I'm offered might sound possible initially, but IMHO, they are dubious at best.
The factors I've been offered are:
1) The ice reflected much of the light.
2) The object's large volume protected it from excessive melting.
3) What did sublimate formed the coma and that visible atmosphere helped act as a kind of gaseous cushion.
4) Just as the night side of Mercury is liquid Nitrogen cold, only the portion of sungrazers facing the sun are exposed, the backside is still facing space (approx -270 degrees). When you factor in rotation, the duration of exposure to any one point is extremely short.
5) The temperature is nearly meaningless as the particle density at that location is so low the thermal capacity is almost nonexistent.

Hmmm. As I said before, they sound possible, but let me go over each of these individually.

1) I have absolutely no issue with the fact that ice can be very reflective. Anyone who's ever looked across a snow covered field on a sunny day will completely agree it's got a very high albedo. However, any reflector is limited by it's composition. Photographers, video enthusiasts or anyone familiar with using powerful lighting systems know that if you set a reflector too close for too long, even items labeled "fire retardant" will go up in flames. In this case, we're talking about trying to shield a chunk of ice from the full power of the sun - without the help of any electromagnetic shielding. The reflective potential of H20 varies with it's temperature dependant state; Ice is much more reflective than water for example, (and even more so for steam). Of course the level of reflectivity required in this case is complicated even more when we remember that this is "dirty" ice.
IMHO, to redirect THAT much light, the object would have to have reflectivity levels not just pure white, but beyond polished mirror perfect.

The biggest problem I have with this point is that our direct observations of these objects completely contradicts that assumption. The data collected from the various missions has not only has shown disturbingly low levels of water ice, but every single photo we have taken of ANY of them so far show these objects are shades from a light grey to the blackest object humanity has ever seen! By direct observation, there is little difference between Comets and Asteroids.

2) Large size :-? If it were dropping on top of my house perhaps, but as far as Celestial Objects go, Lovejoy is tiny! The first estimate put it at barely twice the width of the International Space Station!
If not for a very lucky amateur astronomer, there's a good possibility that none of us on earth would even have know it was there until it had already started it's light show. I've read the same "large size" response in a few different online articles and honestly I'm kinda shocked the term is used in such a cavalier manor; Even most junior astronomers know that "large" is reserved for objects measured in Kilometers.
Lovejoy is quite literally dwarfed by many asteroids we've known of since the 1800's, like the 120km 28Bellona, the 200km 16Psyche, just recently closely photographed 529km 4Vesta.

Various Internet sites I looked over listed the comet's original nucleus to be between 100-200m in diameter and most astronomers predicted it's destruction.
The pre-perihelion size estimate was immediate doubled when it was clear that Lovejoy (and a tiny companion) had survived it's torture trip. With the second estimate, it's believed that significant amount (an est. 50%) of the comet's mass must have burned off. Believe? :confused: I thought observable astronomy was science! With the data they have, it shouldn't be that hard to figure out the scale and do a before/after comparison.

Pre-perihelion report:
(estimate) Approx. 200m
(prediction)- destruction,
(Post-perihelion estimate) Approx 150m.???

2nd report:
500m (pre-perihelion est.)  
200-100m (post-perihelion est.)

:confused: If the first estimate was correct, then Lovejoy lost next to nothing.
Just me, but that's an outcome I might expect from an S or M type asteroid, and a hell of an impressive trick for a chunk of dirty ice.  
It seems sheer folly to think that a 250m radial layer of ice provides enough "thermal ablative shielding" for it's core of dust, sand and pebbles to survive energy levels that would turn Space Shuttles tiles to slag. I'm pretty sure that if they were truly comprised of mostly dusty ice, Lovejoy and the multitudes of other smaller sungrazers would vaporize long before they even reached the extremes of the solar corona. I have my reasons to doubt that even that poor 1153km used-to-be-a-planet Pluto could follow Lovejoy's trajectory without suffering destruction.

I believe size might have been a significant factor, but for nearly the opposite reasons.
IMHO, Lovejoy's small size may have enabled it to slip through the tangle of magnetic fields that would tear larger objects apart.

3) Yes, the cameras did record the mysterious coma layer of material that formed around the nuclei during it's coronal transition. I agree wholeheartedly that it looked and acted gaseous, but that's also a common behaviour with some plasmas.
Plasmas by their very natures will separate themselves, but I cannot understand how a gas would maintain separation from the plasmas of the solar corona streaming around it. I don't see how what was produced could still even be considered "normal" matter. Covalent bonding is nothing but a pipe dream under such extreme conditions and energy bombardment levels. At 6 digit temps, any materials, especially the lighter stuff like H2O would be reduced to their more basic elements and ions in less than a nanosecond.    

4) This hypothesis would require that structures composed of crystalline H20, dust & pebbles can withstand temperature differentials of approximately -270°C to 1 million° C across a 200-500m span without shattering. Ooops can't forget that it's also enduring rotational forces and massive shifting magnetic fields.  
To that I was told "The latter would be irrelevant as ice isn't magnetic."
That's only partially correct. Water is diamagnetic- it will move away from strong magnetic sources.
Pass a 2" N42 or stronger Neodymium magnet under a plate with a thin film of water and you will see the surface reflections distort. I agree that it's not much movement, but that demo is also a ridiculous number of orders of magnitude below the magnetic field strengths that I think would be encountered in the solar corona.

The focus of support for "team Icy" seems centered on the fact that proximity at perihelion was less than 4 minutes. This is true, however, the entire coronal transit took just over a hour.
I don't think I need to be an Iron Chef or a Cake Boss to know that dirty ice at 1M°C for over an hour is not a recipe for Victory Cake.

5)  The effect of reduced particle density seems logical, however, I think it skips a few details.
A) Not only is the level of energy each particle imparts incredibly high, but I think the barrage would be so intense there would be little opportunity for accumulated energy to dissipate.

B) From what I see from various solar observations, the closer you get to the sun, the greater the particle density would become. In fact, the corona-sphere particle density is high enough that it's considered a plasmic atmosphere.
We can even see there's a visible level of particle density on the images, blasting in huge waves against Lovejoy on it's approach.

The thing is, we don't know what the exact density is at that point because nothing we'd make would survive.
We can't even fully reproduce the "vacuum" level of space.
However, I also think that the low particle density hypothesis is testable - at least to the extent we can.
The equivalent that comes to my mind is a chunk of dirty ice in a Vac chamber exposed for 1 hour to a multi Megawatt level barrage of UV, IR, microwave & lasers.
Does it still have half it's original volume or did it fail to survive at all?

I don't know about you, but with the ideas that have been proposed about these objects, it sounds like a mission to our solar system's "nuclear furnace" is not just doable, but it's almost a skate in the park.
:lol: OK, it's got all the makings of Hollywood disaster movie script,
but if a snowball two football fields across can get that close and still survive, then surely some object like Earth would have more than a fighting chance should such a catastrophe occur.

After all, our lovely little planet meets or exceeds many of Lovejoy's requirements.
Earth is a 1.08 trillion km³ snowy dirtball with roughly 30+ million km³ of water ice.
Our planet is rotating at 1600+ Kph.  
It's got 480+ kms of atmospheric cushioning
Oooooo and it's also got it's own planetary EM shields...
Yet at even at our present distance of almost 150 million kms away, our planet's kms thick polar caps are melting.
Despite the "evidence" of Lovejoy, I highly doubt a single molecule of Earth's surface H20 would survive a similar trip.

I find more validity in the explanations offered by the Electric Universe/Plasma Cosmology theory which contend amongst other things that:
1) The Universe is Electric- 99% of all "matter" in the known Universe is plasma and all objects are charged bodies in Solar & Galactic circuits.
2) There is no compositional difference between asteroids and comets. Comets are simply C, S or M type asteroids and the luminous tail & coma effects are due to their hugely variable charge potential and where they are in their orbit.

That makes a much more logical explanation to me than sublimating ices due to solar radiation when trying to explain how Comets can have tails all the way out past Jupiter.

Still with me?
Thank you.
No really...
Thank you for your attention, this turned out longer than I'd planned!

LOL! I'm pretty sure it's not going to be causing anyone to be losin any sleep over this, but I hope the info was interesting and may have spawned few question of your own.
If anyone else has ideas of how even a 500m chunk of dirty ice is supposed to get within 140,000 kms of the most energetic source in our system for even just a couple of minutes without being reduced to shovel-full of stony slag, I be happy to hear it.
All the evidence I see leads me to the conclusion that Comets are made of much tougher stuff than dirty ice.
What do you think?
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WHEW!!! The family & I went to FAN Expo in Toronto Saturday.
Sorry for the delay on the report,
but I needed some recovery time...
LOL! Not to mention it took some time to go through the 900+ photos I shot!
No kidding the 5DMkII was really clickin - I almost filled two 16 GB cards!

That day didn't have the best start for any of us.
One of the biggest savers for us was we brought the walker - something to lean on & most importantly to carry the gear.
Of course there's the hassles of finding parking in downtown TO which makes for a bit of walk to the Convention center. Then there was the rather convoluted entrance procedure. I gotta say the place might be considered "accessible", but it's not the most friendly design for those with any kind of handicaps. LOL unless you're "freight".

Once we got in there was quite a lot to see!
We came in by Artist Alley where there were some of the most incredible Artists from Comics, Mags & Graphic Novels. There were other various artists with their booths, a few I noticed were fellow Deviant Art members. LOL!!! With all the dozens of Cosplayers of various genres running around, I don't know how many folks clued into the shirts the wife & I were wearing, but I made up pair with my "the Dude-L-Bug" Logos and the web addy to the site here.

As I said, LOTS of costumes - from Streampunk to Anime to Horror. I saw a few returns from last year like an excellently done Wraith. One of the most realistic & detailed Cos was a full Predator outfit that I discovered was a collaboration of the work of 14 different artists.  There were Zombies, Supermen & Supergirls,Spidermen & Spiderwomen, Captians America...and one really tall guy dressed as Thor.
There was another costume with a moving set of 10' black wings !!
I thought the display with the fighting Bots from the upcoming Hugh Jackman movie "REAL STEEL" were very cool.
My daughter's high point was when she got her hardcover Bone book signed by author Jeff Smith.

I got to do "in passing" meet & greet hellos with a few of the attending celebs.  
LOL! I'd been standing at the end of the row of Autograph tables snapping pics for quite a few minutes and after getting quite a few good ones in profile, Robert Englund saw me, smiled and turned towards me saying "Here's one for ya -as Freddy would say *Take the damn picture*!" and I caught a trio of shots of him going into the Freddy character look. :)
Space channel host Ajay Fry was just leaving the booth and he was kind enough to offer to pose with me.

I'm just finishing up reviewing & doing the Pre-post work on them ...
LOL  There's 98 of them that I want to post here, so get ready for some serious uploads from me of the next little bit! :D
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I opened my newspaper today to read of the latest lunarcy theory.
A pair of Planetary Scientists have proposed that Earth had 2 moons.
Some NASA associates think it's "a very clever new idea".
They can't find any fault with it, so it may or may not be right. However, like most gravity based assumptions, it's one not easily tested.

These two PS guys surmised that 4.4 billion years ago, (shortly after a giant planet smashed into Earth), the 2 moons both sort of rose in the sky together in nearly identical orbits.
They propose one was three times larger and 25 times heavier and that the larger moon's gravity became so strong that it sucked it's neighbor into a low-speed "Pie-in-the-face" collision...
(This is despite the fact that they felt the smaller one was further than they expected for such attraction to occur).
They've deemed this low-velocity collision "The Big Splat"

The idea is that the impact happened at roughly 8,000 kph.
Now I know that sounds fast to those of us used to moving around under triple digit speeds,
but it's ridiculously slow when talking in terms of planetary collisions.
I couldn't contain my mirth & quite literally LOL'd at the one comment that the impact would have been boring to witness as due to the size of the bodies involved, it would have taken several hours for the event to finish. One scientist joked that you'd need an extra big bag of popcorn.

There's three important reasons it needs to be slow though. The impact had to be of a low enough energy level that:  
1) Only a part of the overall structure melted which then formed the asymmetrical core & topography.
2) The impact didn't leave an identifiable crater.
3) The subsurface shock-wave achieved an earth-forward redistribution of KREEP {KREEP is potassium(K), Rare-Earth Elements, and phosphorus (P)}

The authors offered their study as their attempt to explain the inconsistencies of crust & terrain of the moon's two sides. You see, the Moon has a very odd dichotomy.
The surface facing us has a thinner crust, is relatively smooth & flat and the most prominent features are darkened areas known as maria.
The far-side's crust is radically different, not just considerably thicker (by miles), but that hemisphere is ruled by mountains & deep craters.

As you probably surmised already, No I don't particularly agree with their proposal.
LOL! I have a serious problem with their points especially # 3.
(((I can't figure out if the moons are supposed to be following one another in orbit, how a collision on what would be one side (say East) would suddenly rotate those forces 90° to one side, (say north)  directing the KREEP to concentrate on the earthward "front" face.)))

I'm not really surprised by this theory (or the fact that the study has been published in Nature), but I am disappointed.
Once again our top scientist are so locked into the established framework that they can't even envision anything other than extra-planetary collisions, weather erosion, volcanism or plate tectonics to explain topographical formations.
The possibility of any other answer is completely ignored. I feel this is a serious mistake, but to me it is understandable; It's the only avenue open to those seek knowledge at the temple of "G";

There is a different cosmology from the one the Government supports & main media hypes to us ad infinitum.
One that I feel holds the most credible alternative answers.
These answers are not just theorized by university alumni, but can be tested...
Ahhh, I don't mean just virtual tests & supercomputer simulation models either,
I'm talking real world laboratory experiments!
This alternative is called the Electric Universe Theory or Plasma Cosmology.

Yes Luna's look is odd, but it's not unique.
We know of a very similar sight and it's right here in our solar system.
Mars has a very similar basic topographic appearance, though our red neighbor's strange Half & Half landscape is aligned with it's own planetary poles: The Northern hemisphere is fairly thin and smooth, while it's south is miles thicker, covered in ridges & craters.

Collision is NOT the only possibility.
An interplanetary Plasmic discharge, literally the "Thunderbolt of the Gods" phenomena described by ancient cultures all over the world,  could be responsible for the look of both Mars & our moon.
IMHO, electrical actions fits these scenarios perfectly - right down to a very logical explanation for the formation of Mars infamous "blueberries".  
EDM {Electrical Discharge Machining} & SDE {Spark Discharge Erosion} are the removal material by electrical means (usually a plasma). They can be done with the precision of a laser and cleaner than if it was done by a Lathe.
Dendritic Deposits are the collection of material particles in a process similar to welding. These deposits can take on a variety of forms depending on the charge state of both surfaces. Discharge can result in a variety of patterns from volcanic looking cones on raised platforms,
3 & 4 sided "pyramids",
even Hexagons shapes if the electrically charged particles are to magnetic source. (That answers why Saturn's pole is Hexagonal)
Again, depending on the charge states, they can make rows of Razorbacks with nearly mechanical regularity and ridges with the look of embossed lightning bolts.
At planetary discharge scales these ridges would be on the order of mountain ranges.
Yes it's my HO once again, but these Electrical theories are the best explanations I've heard for the anomalies in the formation of Mars most prominent features...
like the miles high escarpment under Olympus Mons super cone...
as well as the it's odd swirled dual crater.

The EU scientists & supporters have put together a number of wonderful videos that offer a startling different and surprisingly logical answer to such mysteries as the look of Mars (and our Moon).
Planet of a Thousand Mysteries…
The Lightning Scarred Planet Mars part 1… & 2…
I encourage my friends, watchers and all open-minded to investigate this on your own...

and borrowing a saying from a Smart Scarecrow - make up your own damn mind!
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For the last day or so dA has been acting screwy.
The drag&drop feature for :+fav:ing drops down and then won't go away. I have to close the browser & relaunch everytime to get rid of it.
It's got to be something here as it's happening to the IE on my XP & Win7 machines...

As it stands right now, it sure makes me jump through hoops if I want to fav a fellow artist work!!
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To those south of our borders:  

May you all have a very happy & safe Independence Day!!!

It may sound strange coming from a Canadian,
but Americans should appreciate & celebrate that bit of parchment....
and above all those famous words...

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

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To all Canadians, a very happy Canada Day!!

That is all!
You can go back to your celebrating now!!
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This is a little late -
I was going to put up this Journal on Sunday night, but that plan ran into a little hitch beyond my control....
in the form of a page bug that prevented me from actually POST my entry.
Now that the DevStaff has fixed the prob & given me back the "Publish Entry" button, here we go with the journal:

For the first time in a decade, the Canadian Warplane Heritage held an Airshow at the Hamilton International Airport.
Normally, I'm not a big fan of WWII stuff, but my family & I went and had a pretty good time.
The food smells & the clouds of exhaust wafting around made for some difficult times, but it was an outdoor event so I could move out of range in most cases.

At previous shows they've had the Snowbirds or Blue Angels Aerobatics teams as well as a host of the newer tech.
Notably missing from this years attendance was any of the newer jet aircraft.
No Hawker Harriers, A-10 Warthogs, F14s or B117 Stealth fighters this year.
Synchronized aerial sequences were performed by the Canadian Harvard Acrobatic Team in the classic vintage North American Harvard aircraft.
Harvards have a special place for me; WAY back, my Dad had been in the CAF and was one of the radar techs that had worked on the Harvards.

Other wonderfully restored machines were put through there paces...
The biggest stars were the bombers: the AVRO Lancaster Mk X, the Boeing B17 Flying Fortress, & the North American B25 Mitchell
and of course their escort squadron of Supermarine Spitfires, Curtiss SB2C Helldiver, Hawker Hurricane, & the P51D Mustang.
Even the rather sedate looking Douglas DC-3 saw some air time.

The Chance Vought F4U Corsair was another big crowd pleaser. A BlackSheep flyby by The-Dude-L-Bug
LOL! I heard at least 5 male voices in the crowd around me sing "We are poor little lambs that have lost our way - BAAA BAAA BAAA" when it took to the air and did it's first low flyby. :D

I missed the display of aerobatics of the WWI airplanes, but they had the Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a & Sopwith 11/2 Strutter with of course a Folker DR1.
Bill Carter & his Pitts Special S25 were finishing their last show when we arrived, so I didn't get any shots of him in the air, but I did snap a pic of plane & crew while it was on the ground.

Got a chance to go through the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum too.
Took some shots as they put the DHC-1 Chimpmunk away first, then towed the Canso (Consolidated PBY-5a Catalina) back into the hangar & put her to bed.

Talked to the makers of some working scale replicas of the planes. I didn't recognize the particular Spitfire,
but even without the big sign, I figured when I saw the markings on the Biplane, it would be Billy Bishop's Sopwith. Billy Bishop's Sopwith 2 scale by The-Dude-L-Bug
The accuracy they strive for is VERY impressive...right down to copying the individual paint markings from archived photos.

Hope all the father's out there had a good day!!

Though a thing be far or small,
the Dude L Bug sees them all! ;)
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!!!!I'm so tired of trying to write out a new journal, only to have some glitch switch pages on me.

4 times now, I'm right at the end - and all of a sudden I hear "Click" and the page refreshes, or shifts back to my front page.

Still researching & trying to do my experimenting. Unfortunately, many of the testing devices I have here are quite dated.
Units like my Dad's old Stark Instruments SAG-1 Signal Generator have stopped working. I have no manual or schematic for it, but as I don't have a checker or any of the proper replacement tubes anyway, fixing it is unlikely.
Yeah, this device operates using 5 vacuum tubes (I did say things were dated)
For now, I'm kinda reduced to inserting signals into the circuits by singing at them. ;)

LOL! Speaking of the musical side of things.
OK, many of you likely have already come across them,
but if you don't know about auto-tuning & the Songification of the everyday happenings like news reports,
then I encourage you to check out the Gregory Brothers on YouTube.

Personally I think it takes a helk of a LOT of talent to turn something like this eyewitness reporting on an attempted convenience store robbery…
into this catchy little tune…
This is a cute video all on it's own about the risks of intimate interruptus parents can encounter with their young kids…
When it's put to music though… it's pure gold!!!

LOL! I mean no disrespect to President Obama,
but I don't think I've heard a better replay of his latest "State Of The Union Address" than this…
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Festivities & Holy days of various faiths approach,
I wish everyone the best on their special days.

Just a couple of weeks ago things around here were the usual chaos of both health & in other issues.
The health is still screwy, but other things have improved.
LOL! I don't want to jinx it, but something has happened to give me drive.

For those that noticed I'm doing polls now. Yes, my topics aren't the light fluffy everyday things - it requires some real thought...but that's good as we all need to get our brain juices flowing. How receptive are my fellow Devs to new ideas?

Your responses to this journal entry & my next poll are very important to me.
My understanding of the way the universe works has taken a rather large shaking in the last few months. It's funny, but it now makes more sense than I can understand in a single thinking on it. ;)
I've become kind of obsessed with ideas of the basic energies of reality, how they interact & the theories behind them. Many of humanity's troubles have to do with HOW we access them.
I've been researching the works of those labeled renegades & heretics. I've tried to put myself their shadow (I am far behind any of them, I do easily admit) but it's the only way one can gain the right perspective. I think the fact that my Dad was an Electricity/Electronics teacher helped to me get me grounded the right way.

Here I've been thinking I'm the one that's slightly out of phase with reality.
Turns out I'm on track with the HOW of it better than I thought. All of my confusion was due to my mindset. (LOL! that term alone indicates a certain mental inflexiblity) Things became so much clearer when I understood that what we think of as real is WAY outta phase with true reality. LOL! No wonder most of us are so mixed up!!

Here's where most will call me a kook & tell me my meds are off.
Have any of you ever had a Vision?? Suddenly everything around you seems to fade into the background and you see something...else. You know it isn't.. CAN'T be there (where-ever there is).
Visions aren't very convenient. This one had a downright twisted sense of timing... I was in the middle of kissing my wife!   
I won't go into the details of exactly what I saw as I didn't make any sense of it then.
Hey can ya blame me? I was totally in the moment of the warmth of my wife's lips touching mine, then...
WTH is that & why?...
and then...
From somewhere way off in the distance I hear "OK... my kiss never did THAT to you before!" she says as the sight & sounds of the REAL world push their way back into my conscious mind. My body is still swaying & vibrating slightly. I tried to describe what I saw, but...
words fail.

This was a few years ago now and as I said earlier, it didn't make much sense at the time. Still something made it felt like it was of VITAL importance.
I had almost given up on it as just another brainfart...
then I was looking at something in some else in a YouTube clip and I SAW IT!
or a part of it.
It was a EUREKA moment - like turning over a part to a complicated 3D puzzle & just suddenly recognizing it as one a key piece and knowing how it fits.
Once it the key turned over, the rest of the bits just clicked into place.

Now the real fun - building a small scale prototype of it to test the concept.
I've got a pretty good blueprint for it in my head. Seriously, I've never been the best at designing mechanical things that was my Dad's forte(God, I miss him. I could really use his wisdom about now.)
This project idea seems to be different. Every time I relax & let the device rotate in my mind, it's like pares down it to an even more basic design. As it is now, most of the parts are almost ridiculously simple to get. Most, but not all. Putting it all together is kinda tricky too.
Not to mention, some of the forces will be potentially dangerous to me if handled incorrectly, so I need my wits about me at all times...(and my EM insulated guardian angel wouldn't hurt either.)

I know I haven't been posting much lately...
but this idea may have extremely far reaching consequences.
I will try to keep all my friends here up to date, however you'll have to forgive me if I get absorbed in experimenting & lax in my visits here.

Oh yes, one of my friends that's big into conspiracy stuff says I should declare to those reading this now to MARK MY WORDS: I may have the one of the greatest keys! He thinks I'm very likely to get a visit from one of those Men-In-Black Ish Brothers - you know Van &/or Per.

Wish me luck!

OK OK OK OK I HEAR YA CLAMMERING for me to spill the answer!!!!
For those that really, realllly, realllllllllly MUST KNOW....
No, the answer is not 42...
That big computer in the Hitchhiker's Guide made a mistake & it's off by about 78%!
Who wants to know more?
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